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At Natural World Design we celebrate the beauty and importance of all living things. From Ireland’s most delicate flowers and native birds, to the world’s most majestic animals and marine life and the unique environments they call home. Great or small. Lesser-spotted or thriving in our own backyards. We’re inspired by them all and use them to create clever, conscious and contemporary designs.


We help clients create identities, content and artwork that have a natural twist or purpose. Things like branding and designs for nature-, environment- and biodiversity-related conferences or other events, illustrations for museums and popular tourist trails, brand logos for businesses selling local produce, and community-based projects that bring the countryside to city centres.

The beauty of nature is that it belongs to everyone, so whether you’re a big city corporate, trusted institution or energetic startup, we can create a direction and design that works for you.

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Aga Grandowicz
Founder and Creative Director

Aga’s agency experience, award-winning designs and commitment to community projects make her a rare and valuable find in the creative industry.

Her lifelong love for illustration, the great outdoors and animals have shaped a successful career and created the perfect storm for founding Natural World Design. Aga wanted to build a consultancy that focused on delivering smart designs that help people and businesses connect, compete and care, all at the same time. So, that’s just what she did.

‘Even ‘garden variety’ plants and animals are exceptional in their own way. I believe the creative we use to talk about them should be too.’


  • Government departments

    Biodiversity and heritage

    Illustrated information boards about local flora, fauna and heritage

    Brand design

    Conference and event signage

    Special project commissions

  • Local councils and tourist boards

    Tourism and conservation

    Illustrated information boards about
    local flora, fauna and heritage

    Nature trails and treasure hunts

    Tourist information boards

    Nature and heritage brochureware

  • Museums

    Heritage and conservation


    Event signage and posters

  • Sustainable businesses

    Marketing collateral

    Brand imagery

    Creative identity

    Office décor

    Stationery and corporate gifts

  • Authors, book stores and libraries

    Literature and publishing

    Book covers


    Launch event posters

    Promotional material

  • Nurseries, schools and colleges

    Education and lifelong learning

    Posters and wall art

    Workshop materials and brochureware

    Children’s art challenges

    Nature trails and treasure hunts

To discuss your project, call Aga Grandowicz at (+353) 85 715 3449, or email her at ei.ng1702099122isedd1702099122lrowl1702099122aruta1702099122n@ofn1702099122i1702099122

Recently completed:

Bees of the world – illustrated video.
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